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The number one challenge facing SharePoint is getting content stored on paper to your document libraries with speed and ease.

generic 200mcg cytotec online provides the ultimate solution for capturing documents into SharePoint libraries. generic cytotec canada lends an expansive assortment of cutting edge features, providing an unmatchable SharePoint scanning onramp.

Users have the convenience of utilizing a built-in SharePoint template to configure workflows in interactive or auto-import mode.  Interactive mode gives users the power to manually process documents through capture, index, and quality assurance modules. In contrast, auto-import allows the software to scan documents from a direct connect scanner or network folder, and continue to index, file, and name folders directly to a SharePoint document library. PSI:Capture for SharePoint features include:

  • Create searchable document libraries and folders to optimize performance
  • Option to automate document workflow to minimize end-user interaction
  • Custom build imaging workflows for separation, database lookups, validation, and barcode processing
  • Various indexing methods such as manual input, point-and-click entry, zone OCR, barcode population, Advanced Data Extraction (ADE), custom selection lists, and more
  • Distribute the workflow by sharing batches between multiple workstations
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine converts scanned images to provide fully searchable PDFs
  • Monitor hot folders to auto-import new data instantly
  • Powerful Image Processing tools including deskew, despeckle, and rotate to manage all or specified pages
  • Control column metadata with migration to MOSS or WSS

generic cytotec

generic cytotec from india

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