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Property Trak


PropertyTrak, is a secure web-based technology that enables facility and property managers to achieve cost reduction goals through increased efficiencies in work flow processes, communications, scheduling, project management and reporting. These web-based applications focus on streamlining tasks and increasing efficiencies through the utilization of its suite of applications including:

Property Management – track projects and tasks for one or a large portfolio of properties and manage lease tenant services and lease documents

  • Facility Maintenance – schedule maintenance, issue work orders and interface with tenants/employees, staff and vendors from anywhere you have web access
  • Scheduling Calendar– preventive maintenance, inspections, warranty expirations, private/public events, calendar export to Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.
  • Communications – task & event notifications and reminders for multiple properties using a variety of communication devices
  • Emergency Preparedness – create and test disaster recovery plans, emergency rapid response plans, evacuation plans, emergency notifications and backup critical company data
  • Management Tools – produce work quality reports, status reports, and statistics for analysis of building and equipment maintenance and vendor performance history

The above functionality can be accessed anytime, anywhere using web