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Financial Banking

Select Imaging. The right investment in affordable, efficient document management.

If you are like most brokers and planners, you are drowning in paper. The typical office handles roughly 150 to 300 documents a day. To comply with regulations, you must keep records for several years, consuming human resources and increasing your costs. Plus, your clients do not have time to wait for you to wade through documents. But now there is a better way to manage your documents — electronically. Select Imaging has a total solution that scans, stores and retrieves your paper documents with ease and simplicity. This remarkable solution saves space, guards against theft or damage, and lets your staff share documents simultaneously. Select Imaging offers you:

  • Instant information access — Documents can be located in seconds and never get lost.
  • Reduced labor costs — Select Imaging minimizes your personnel requirements and helps you comply with SEC regulations and NASD standards.
  • Reduced demand for physical space — All paper files can be stored electronically on disks with capacities starting at over 85,000 pages per disk.
  • File protection — Protects against loss due to disasters, while critical data can still be kept on-site.
  • Irrefutable document integrity — Eliminate any possibility of altering documents without detection.