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docSTAR document management system is a completely integrated solution that securely scans and stores your paper and electronic files, allowing for quick and easy retrieval and automated integration with third party core business applications. docSTAR 3thirteen is a scalable, flexible document management system that offers several major enhancements, including:

  • Customizable workflow approval requests
  • Customizable inbox views
  • Customizable retrieve and browse windows
  • User preference settings
  • OCR On Demand
  • Expanded native file support
  • Live DataLink
  • Embedded direct-document WebWorks link

docSTAR 3thirteen adds a new ‘column chooser’ that allows users to customize the document list view in the Inbox, Retrieve, and Browse windows and save the view as a user preference. Users are able to select or deselect columns they wish to view such as selecting an invoice number column and deselecting a security class column. This enables users to view documents and their index information in a more meaningful fashion. OCR On Demand allows you to choose the region to get the text during the templating process. This allows for different formatted invoices to have the data captured. docSTAR now allows for all file types to be imported into docSTAR. Now you can centralize all your electronic documents. With the new improved live DataLinks you don’t have to wait an hour for the updates.


  • Improved performance for a quicker, more streamlined experience
  • Seamlessly work with multiple document formats with enhanced auto-import capabilities
  • Enter documents into collaborative processing workflows that include alerts, approvals, reporting and multiple one-click rubber stamps
  • Easy one-click access to supporting documentation based on the document currently being viewed with a new related document display


  • Webworks feature-rich browser-based user interface
  • Both local and remote users can use a self-sustaining client without the need to install software on every PC
  • Provides fully integrated access to the full complement of document management functions needed in most document processing workflows


  • Content management, business process and productivity solutions
  • Pre-define, automate, and enforce your document driven processes and include automated due date creation, automated alerts via docSTAR and email, require certain documents and approvals, and provide business insight into your document workflows in real-time
  • Create consistent, maintainable workflows in order to measure and react instantly to changing workloads and business needs


  • docSTAR now works with more of your daily business applications, helping to streamline your work processes
  • Access all your documents instantly while in your main line of business application through a simple hotkey


  • Customize columns to display in the in-box, results list, and browse window


  • In manual and auto file windows, OCR Full Page, OCR Region and OCR to field
  • Barcode recognition


  • Real-time lookup and indexing for front-end scanning applications
  • Tamper proof document authentication with time and date stamp and digital fingerprinting
  • Secure option, off-site back-up
  • Document approval and alerts
  • Regulatory compliance:  SOX, HIPAA, SEC and more
  • Access management and audit trail
  • Records management handles automated or alert based document retention and destruction policies
  • Access your documents anytime, anywhere with any device



Access management (security) delivers bulletproof security protection for your business-critical documents.

Access management is an essential tool for any business or organization that needs to enhance its security and the confidentiality of critical documents, whether you are a human resources, medical, financial, legal or insurance professional – or representing any organization that must protect sensitive documents and records from unauthorized access, Access Management will provide you with unsurpassed flexibility and peace of mind.

  • Allows you to determine the extent of any individual’s access to any file and document in docSTAR
  • Let you easily control whether employees, customers, and vendors can view, annotate, re-file, email, fax, print or delete documents
  • Protects any confidential documents from unauthorized viewing or tampering
  • Prevents costly misfiling of documents
  • Helps facilitate HIPAA compliance for medical organizations
  • Helps insurance agencies avoid costly E&O issues


Advanced Templates and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a powerful duo of capabilities that give you a more flexible and  structured method for ensuring your documents are filed consistently and intelligently. With advanced templates and OCR, you can easily create an infinite series of keys or categories as you wish for filing documents. Reduce tedious, costly keystrokes. Dramatically accelerate document filing and retrieval, and ensure that every document is filed accurately and consistently.


  • Guarantees filing consistency and accuracy, regardless of who performs it
  • Ensure easy, fast retrieval
  • Reduce time-consuming keystroking of data
  • Allow you to custom design and maximize the functionality of your templates for efficiently filing documents
  • Enable you to utilize more advanced optional docSTAR filing modules including barcode and DataLink


The annotations feature takes paper documents, and your organization, into the fully electronic 21st century. Annotations provides you with an entire suite of easy-to-use graphic and text tools that give you the flexibility to mark up your electronic documents and save these notes as annotations. Using these tools, which include sticky notes, text, freehand drawings, straight lines, highlighter and redactor, you can make any comments or modifications you wish, while completely preserving the content and integrity or the original document.

  • Lets you mark-up electronic documents with sticky notes, redactions (blacking out text), highlighter, text, free hand drawings, stamps, and others
  • Preserves the original document
  • Adds value to every document by streamlining your access to critical information
  • Takes antiquated paper document annotations systems to the next level
  • Allows you to limit access to selected text to authorized users by using the redaction tool


Advanced audit trail technology from docSTAR allows you to quickly and accurately track a wide range of user activities performed within docSTAR. With audit trail, you will be able to instantly know every time someone has viewed or manipulated any electronic document. You will know who performed the action, when it was done,  and what was done,  instantaneously, which will in turn reduce your exposure to risk. Audit trail gives your business the tools to operate more efficiently and profitably.

  • Automatically keeps track of every time someone creates, files, annotates, prints, deletes, or views documents and files in docSTAR
  • Informs you when the document or file was accessed, what was done and who did it
  • Dramatically reduces your risk
  • Quickly and easily generate a complete, paperless “paper trail” of evidence for legal and regulatory purposes
  • Eliminates the need to keep and search through bulky, costly logbooks
  • Helps facilitate HIPAA compliance for medical organizations


The E-mail functionality helps you effectively and promptly manage your communication with everyone from customers and vendors to other members of your organization. Simply e-mail documents instantly from your desktop. Send docSTAR documents to anyone with e-mail access. The recipient’s e-mail client doesn’t need to be a docSTAR user.


Native file management gives you the power to store more than 150 types of electronic documents, such as word processor files, spreadsheets, and emails in their true original formats while retaining all the special features inherent in these documents. Use OS association to open files such as CAD, email, Word, PDF, MIDI, MP3, MOV, WAV, and more. The native file management feature allows you to gather, store and access all documents, images and data related to a customer, employee or vendor together in one central location. You can improve customer service and makes your entire operation more responsive, efficient and productive.

  • Stores hundreds of different types of documents and files in docSTAR in their original format, protected against modification by AuthentiDate™ and USPS EPM™
  • Retains all the special features inherent in the original documents
  • Eliminates the need to print, scan, and convert documents to another format
  • Centralizes document storage for fast, easy, retrieval
  • Allows you to modify and reuse existing documents without altering the originals
  • Permits fast, simple archiving of emails for compliance with mandatory retention requirements
  • Is ideal for smaller companies without a rigorous backup program or shared file space


Zetafax enables you to send, receive, store, retrieve, and share your documents with just a few clicks of a mouse and without the expense of printing documents. Zetafax brings up to 30% reduction in administrative time and 500% increase in productivity.

  • Integrated faxing from docSTAR
  • Ensure paper documents sent via fax and other devices are captured in the archive



You can finally eliminate the time consuming and error prone process of manual data entry. All of the data in all of your documents from forms, invoices and orders is quickly scanned and seamlessly entered into your core business application.

  • Invoice recognition, data lifting, and 2-way and 3-way matching
  • Forms processing with OCR, ICR and barcode reading
  • Automated document Classification separating one type of form from another automatically
  • Export to almost any ERP/Accounting application and other core line of business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and many others
  • Increase the efficiency of your back-end operations


The docSTAR barcode module gives your docSTAR the ability to read barcodes, allowing your business to dramatically increase speed and accuracy in its filing process.

docSTAR Barcode automates the filing process. It reads barcodes containing key information – customer names, account names, account numbers, etc. – and then enters this information into each document’s titles, keywords, or custom fields. This process requires no human intervention, making it the fastest option for storing documents in the docSTAR imaging system.

  • Fully automates filing by reading barcodes containing key information such as customer names and account numbers and entering this data into each document’s titles, keywords, or custom fields
  • Requires no human intervention, making it the fastest option for storing documents in docSTAR
  • Accelerates your filing dramatically, whether you are using barcodes to store “proofs of delivery,” medical claims, loan origination documents or any other paperwork


docSTAR dashboard and reporting can help your company get ‘on-board’ for streamlined workflow and ultimately a more efficient staff. Dashboard and reporting is designed to provide visibility to your business activities by user, department or document type across your organization. Dashboard and reporting offers detailed information reporting, alerting and management capabilities to help your organization monitor business activities of your staff.

  • Visualize and redistribute workload
  • Identify top achievers and employees who need extra attention
  • Avoid missed deadlines or dissatisfied customers
  • Quantify key trends in your business activity


DataLink lets docSTAR link your documents with your data by reading data from your business applications. This software module saves keystrokes and improves accuracy during filing by leveraging the data you already have. DataLink allows you to collect information consistently and therefore speed up the filing process! DataLink is safe to deploy and is compatible with most databases.

  • Verifies that data used to file documents in the docSTAR system match data in your existing database
  • DataLink search mode lets you look up and pick a client, policy, invoice, or other record from your primary business application while you are filing in docSTAR
  • Virtually eliminates data entry errors that lead to misfiled documents
  • Saves you time and money by eliminating the need to type data you have already stored


docSTAR MapConnect provides a central place for government organizations to easily view specific Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial information and related documents in seconds for better planning and management of state and local government offices. Users can easily access GIS layers and instantly locate and display both GIS maps, data, and docSTAR documents all with the click of a button.

docSTAR MapConnect is a web application that amplifies the capabilities of non-technical people, granting seamless access to documents stored in docSTAR and GIS information through an intranet portal.

  • Easy integration with ArcIMS (an ESRI® solution for delivering dynamic maps, GIS data and services via the Web) and docSTAR
  • Instant access from a map to any document related to a parcel of land
  • Multiple users can access data at the same time
  • Access city or county maps, related documents, and parcel info within the same window
  • Easy-to-use in a plug-and-play web portal environment


NetConnect is an innovative, optional software module, which lets you access your host docSTAR from any location with a high-speed Internet connection (such as DSL or cable modem) or over a wide-area network (WAN). It connects you with critical documents whether you are in your headquarters, a satellite, or on the road.

  • Work with docSTAR across the Internet the same way you do in the office
  • Scanning, filing, retrieving and viewing documents across the country is as simple as being connected through your LAN
  • Information passes seamlessly over the Internet, behind the scenes, without additional steps or complicated user intervention


docSTAR’s PackageWorks delivers streamlined, intelligent package-based workflows to dramatically increase productivity and ensure that the final package is consistent and complete.

PackageWorks enables businesses to create a document checklist with “slots” designed to gather and track a set of documents necessary to complete a business workflow. With built in e-mail alerts and approval capabilities, PackageWorks helps organizations create and maintain a consistent, managed process for assembling document packages.


  • Eliminate tedious manual processes
  • Support compliance initiatives
  • Automated e-mail alerts improve efficiency
  • Increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Better manage approval processes
  • Reduce confusion and errors


Print Import 5.0 lets you import documents from almost any Windows application, including AutoCAD. Print Import 5.0 captures documents as image files (or image PDFs) so that they can be merged, annotated, or otherwise processed just like documents you’ve scanned.


A robust printing solution that allows Windows-based computers and non-Windows based systems including UNIX to print directly to docSTAR without having to print the document first. With a worldwide user base of 100,000 RPM is and used by more than one half of the Fortune 100, hundreds of hospitals and manufacturers.

  • Supports the major print protocols (LPD and Stream)
  • Modifies data on demand, including deletions, insertions and appends
  • Prints to Windows printers and can drive many non-Windows printers
  • Simultaneously send a single print job to multiple printers, format and send emails and archives to disk


SmartLink™ is a powerful integration tool that connects docSTAR to your business application. Integrated retrieval makes relevant docSTAR documents available instantly, with a single click, from within the applications that you use on a daily basis. SmartLink leverages the data you have already collected to accurately and conveniently file/retrieve documents in docSTAR.

  • Reduce tedious filing steps
  • Improve workplace efficiency
  • Avoid errors with better filing consistency
  • Train staff faster
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce overall costs


Webworks software enables documents stored on a host docSTAR to be viewed from any windows based pc via the Internet or corporate intranets. It works with wide-area networks, broadband Internet services, or even dial-up connections!

Now you can put documents at the fingertips of your customers, field employees, other important people, and even the general public – everywhere, at any time!  And of course you can restrict this access to only those who really need it. 

  • Webworks is very easy to use because it combines the simplicity of a Web browser with docSTAR’s powerful search and retrieval features.
  • Browser-based user interface makes finding documents as easy as searching the internet, perform your searches, and view your documents. 


Workflow Module delivers powerful workflow combinations. Automatically route documents to users or groups, send notifications, provide guided user interaction, and allow automated index information acquisition at any point in the process. Create any number of automated or user-guided steps that include multiple possible branches. Spend less time managing documents and more time focusing on your business.

  • Automate intelligent rules based workflows
  • Eliminate tedious manual workflow processes
  • Support compliance initiatives
  • Monitor your workflow in dashboards to identify bottlenecks in document processing and achieve greater efficiency
  • Increase employee productivity


The integration suite combines the power of SmartLink, Datalink and Integration Agent.

You use your core business application for most of your daily activities. With docSTAR integration suite you can record your transaction and index the document into docSTAR at the same time. With the suite you can go from two steps to one step. Integration suite enables users to build a seamless connection from their business management software to the docSTAR document management system. It makes all documents accessible through a smooth, intuitive work process…all in a single step. This single step displays a list of all relevant documents and provides an easy to navigate browser-based interface for viewing them.

  • Build a seamless connection between docSTAR and your business management software
  • Make all your documents accessible through a smooth, intuitive work process
  • Simply point and click on a special link or “hot key” within your business management software to instantly view documents

If your core business application does not offer a customization or if customizations are prohibitively expensive, docSTAR SmartLink provides an easy and fast way to integrate with almost any Windows-based or browser based application without coding or programming. SmartLink grabs data right from the screen in your core business application. If you can read it, SmartLink can grab it and use it to retrieve related documents or to generate a virtual cover sheet.

DataLink allows you to collect information consistently and therefore speed up the filing process! The Integration Agent is easy to deploy – throughout the office or around the world. It is browser-based, so it can run on almost any PC and requires little or no maintenance. It can also operate across wide-area networks and over the Internet, allowing images to be added to web-based business applications. SmartLink leverages the data you have already collected to accurately and conveniently file/retrieve documents in docSTAR. Integrated retrieval makes relevant docSTAR documents available instantly, with a single click, from within the applications that you use on a daily basis.

  • Verifies that data used to file documents in the docSTAR system match data in your existing database
  • DataLink search mode lets you look up and pick a client, policy, invoice, or other record from your primary business application while you are filing in docSTAR
  • Virtually eliminates data entry errors that lead to misfiled documents
  • Saves you time and money by eliminating the need to type data you have already stored

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