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Document Scanners

Which scanner is best for me?

Modern technology offers a wide variety of scanning models with speeds ranging from 15 to 90 pages per minute. With our wide selection of scanners, customers can easily choose a scanner that includes the features they require, the duty cycle to match their workload, and a cost that meets their budget. The professionals at Select Imaging can recommend a scanner model based your needs, provide software, recommend a service program, and provide on-site installation and training.

What scanning software do we need?

The type of software required for each customer varies depending on the desired functionality that the customer requires.

What is OCR?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a software process where an image is converted to text data. Once the image is converted, the text can be edited by a word processing/spreadsheet application or the text data can be used as an index to perform full text searches and retrieval.

Will this scanner do OCR?

Many scanner models are capable of creating images that are used for OCR recognition. OCR is a software function and is included as a standard feature of Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard. For a list of ISV partners that include OCR please contact us.

Do I need a flatbed?

Several scanner models offer flatbed scanning areas. Flatbed scanning may be required for customers that have photographs, fragile, old, or oversized documents.

Will this scanner work with my current operating system?

Many of today’s scanners are completely integratable with your current operating system, with little “transition pain”.  Contact us to explore your options.

Do you make any scanners that work with Macs?

Several companies offer Macintosh software solutions for scanners. Contact us for details.

What is color dropout?

Color dropout is a feature that is used to ignore specific colored ink(s) from preprinted forms/documents during the scanning process. This can be used to remove colored backgrounds or colored text templates in the scanned image. Depending on the model, scanners are capable of dropping out colors in the red, green or blue color spectrum.

Will this scanner handle our thin paper?

Scanning thin documents is a tough task for any high-speed scanner. However, many of the high quality scanners that we represent excel in paper handling, image quality, and overall reliability. Many factors will determine how well a scanner can feed a given document set. For example, scanning similar document sets is much easier than scanning documents of mixed sizes and weights in the same batch. For difficult document types, the best way to ensure that a scanner will be able to feed them properly is to have them test scanned. Please contact Select Imaging for additional information about document test scanning and on-site scanner demonstrations.

What is the difference between these scanners?

The main set of differences within the various scanner product lines include scanning speed, daily duty cycle, scanner size/weight, image enhancement, etc. Select Imaging offers the widest selection of high-speed scanners in the industry with advanced features on our low-end workgroup models all the way up to our high-speed production scanners.

What are consumable parts?

Consumable parts are mainly used in each scanner’s automatic document feeder (ADF) and naturally wear out based on the number of documents scanned. Consumables are an important part of the cleaning and preventative maintenance routine that is required in order for your scanner to maintain it’s highest performance level. Consumables can be purchased individually, or included with on-site preventative maintenance program.

What is long document scanning?

Long Document Scanning functionality is used to process longer than normal paper sizes. Long documents can be in the form of loan documents, Medical equipment logs, and similar documents.

Are scanners networkable?

Many scanners are designed to connect directly to the PC where the scanner software is installed. There are several third party companies that make network interface solutions for scanners.

What warranty service plans are available for my scanner?

Many varieties of service plans may be offered for your scanner. Please contact us for programs and details.