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FileBound introduces a unique approach to document imaging that bridges the gap between information stored on paper documents and those converted to images.   This allows you to implement the right solution based upon the needs of the application.   Paper documents can be converted to images at the appropriate stage of their life cycle.  This solution is often defined as a hybrid approach to records management.  This means that multiple forms of information can be managed in a single application from active documents stored in-house to those stored off-site.

File Tracking

Filebound’s web-based system designed to track the usage and availability of paper files. The FileBound solution leverages the advantage of bar-code technology to identify each paper file as a unique object. In addition, FileBound has the ability to scan documents on an as-needed basis.  Search for a file and determine its present location. If a file is located in its home location, that file can then be checked out. If the file is currently checked out to another user, you can record a request for the file. When the file is checked in, the requesting user will receive an e-mail notification of its availability. The location of the file and the user in possession of the file is always known and recorded. FileBound also allows a user to transfer ownership of a file to another user.  FileBound tracks the usage of any file and can be configured to record the reason for the checkout.


The new FileBound Forms Management System (FMS) provides a quick ROI on a solution that eliminates the cost of preprinted forms and automates the filing process. Within the system you can create a library of forms that can be grouped together to form processes. Data extracted out of an external system is used to create an electronic file within the system. By selecting the file, you can create forms for the file and have them strategically output to mapped printers. Each form is created with a unique barcode which points to the file and divider within the file that the form is associated with. The system also becomes aware of each form that has been generated and assigns responsibility and due dates for its completion. This automates the filing process. Completed forms are processed through a document scanner that automatically files them into the right folder and marks it in the system as being completed. Reports can be generated to show forms that are past due and can be sorted by responsible party. This makes management of this process easy.

Work Flow

FileBound workflow allows you to control operational costs, create employee accountability and increase your organization’s scalability by automatically distributing work to specific users or groups; forwarding documents through successive work steps without delay; allowing documents to be prioritized based on certain criteria; allowing tasks to be completed and authorized by specific users;  Providing a process for load balancing work, and quality control processes.

Data Center

The FileBound ASP service operates out of the Carrier Class facility operated by FNTS. This facility offers the very best in security, redundancy and connectivity. First National Technical Solutions operates next generation data centers and co-location facilities that are uniquely engineered to provide a secure environment, in which FileBound users can house their mission-critical information.

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