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E Forms

Electronic forms are a “must have” in today’s business environment.

Collecting information is done more and more through paperless, electronic forms and companies of all sizes need to have that capability. With Select Imaging, companies can quickly and easily create and provide access to online and internal forms.


Electronic Forms (E-Forms) are an electronic replacement to paper forms. E-Forms allow users to enter information into a system directly that would otherwise be written on paper and need to be re-typed or scanned into a computer system to be processed. E-Forms save time and money by allowing information to be available more immediately with less transcription errors.

How Select Imaging Leverages E-forms

Users can create forms with simple drag-and-drop operations. Those forms are then presented in various ways to users in the system for data collection. E-Forms can also be presented to external users to allow information to flow into the system directly from the outside world in controlled and secured ways.


With E-Forms users can view information, enter data, upload documents, view existing documents and collaborate with other users on any of these attributes. The possible applications are more numerous than can be listed here but here are some of the ways E-Forms can be used:

  •  Employment Application – Allow users to enter their information and upload Resumes and Cover Letters
  • School Application – Accept private school applications via the Web
  •  Requests for Information – Send requests to external users and accept data and documents in response
  • Request for Access – Allow employees to request access to secured systems and provide full tracking
  •  Invoice Entry – E-Forms can be used for invoices with the extensible table structures available
  • Time Sheet – Employee time sheets can be submitted through e-forms and used for weekly payroll processing
  • Expense Reports –Expenses can be submitted with a structured form that also allows receipts to be attached

Electronic Forms can be leveraged in virtually every area of business. The possibilities are endless and the benefits will speak for themselves.