Affordable Online Electronic Filing

For about the same monthly cost as your business cell phone, you can have Select Filing today! Select Filing is an online Document Management solution that doesn’t require any software installation, specialized hardware, or upfront capital investment. For a small monthly fee you can begin enjoying the benefits of a solution that makes Document Management easy! Isn’t it about time you did something about all that paper scattered around your office? Sure, you’re able to find that critical invoice or contract when it’s been on your desk for a week but will you be able to find it in six months? For about the same monthly cost as a typical business cell phone, you can begin adding structure, security, and instant access to all critical documents from any internet-connected computer.


Use any TWAIN compatible document scanner to create images and have them instantly stored into your own secure Docuvation online cabinet for filing.

Document Types

Directly save any digital documents such as Word, Excel, Email, or others into Docuvation and have them filed seamlessly with other document type including digital images.

Multi-function Devices

Docuvation supports multiple methods for importing images created from MFP devices. These include FTP, network folder monitoring, as well as direct support for E-Copy and NSI solutions.

Local & Remote User

Users can securely access Docuvation from any internet connected computer. Once connected, depending on security rights, users can scan, save, file or retrieve documents.

Docuvation allows authorized users to save documents into existing or new cabinets, folders, and dividers. This process replicates the intuitive filing process that users are used to without additional training and leads to easy adoption.

Quick, Easy, Affordable

  • No upfront capital investment
  • Benefits Realization
  • Instant secure access from any internet connected computer
  • Automatic backups of all of your critical documents
  • Easy-to-deploy and train your employees
  • Leverage your existing investment in computer, networks, and office copiers

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