Select Online Backup

Centralized Management

  •  Web-based backup and recovery
  • Android/iPhone mobile capabilities
  • Real-time failure/warning alerts
  • Initiate restores remotely

Unbeatable Security

  • 256-bit AES and SSL security encryption
  • Redundant, bi-coastal data centers

Network and Storage Optimization

  • Intelliblox block-level technology
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Large file support

Image-based Backup

At a time when the impacts of downtime are more immediate and sweeping, businesses increasingly demand comprehensive recovery solutions to limit data loss. Protecting files and folders alone is no longer enough – IT solutions providers must also provide full business recovery capabilities.

Select Back Up offers a purpose-built image-based backup solution that enables server-level protection for applications served by physical machines. Achieve a higher level of data protection and safeguard all of the applications your clients need to stay productive.

Bare Metal Restore

Starting over just got easier SMBs facing a crashed server or data disaster don’t have a moment to waste, and they need your help to recover their data as fast as possible. Bare metal restore from Select simplifies and speeds up the restore process so that you can quickly get your SMBs back on their feet.

Available at no extra cost, bare metal restore from Select is part of the ECHOplatform, that enables you to protect your SMBs’ entire business. This automated solution saves you time and money by virtually eliminating configuration errors and simplifying both physical-to-physical (P2P) and physical-to-virtual (P2V) bare metal restore.

 Simplified, Centralized Image Protection

Select bare metal restore (BMR) simplifies and automates much of the restore process, reducing the effort it takes to recover your SMBs’ business.

  • Recover back to original system or a like/dissimilar machine
  • Avoid manually building new volumes thanks to automated restore
  • Standardize all your physical and virtual backup on one platform

Flexible Image Recovery Options

Select BMR offers exceptional granularity and flexibility, enabling you to support a wide range of hardware and recovery use cases.

  • Recover to specific Point in Time to meet unique restore needs
  • Restore to replacement machine with similar or different hardware configuration
  • Leverage image backup solution to recover systems to virtual environments

Centralize your BCDR

The Select Backup Partner Portal is our central, web-based management platform that offers easy access to backup management for all of your critical data. You can create physical image backup sets directly from the same interface you use to protect files and folders, Exchange databases, virtual machines, and more.

TOP 5 Reasons to Choose Select Back Up


Tired of using different backup tools to protect your SMBs’ data? With BMR from Select, you can protect entire servers, desktops, and laptops with the same platform you use to back up the rest of your physical and virtual data. And because Select BMR is included in the ECHOplatform at no extra cost, you are able to expand the number of data types you can protect without purchasing any new software or hardware.


Select BMR includes an automated restore functionality that makes it easy for you to recreate the original system in a few simple steps. You can take everything you’ve backed up and quickly to restore to the target machine without having to manually build volumes on the new system. That takes all of the grunt work out of bare metal restore and makes it easier than ever to get your SMBs back on their feet after a data disaster.


BMR from Select offers maximum flexibility when it comes time to perform a restore. You can recover back to the original system, to a replacement machine with a different hardware configuration, or even restore as a virtual machine. Our physical-to-virtual recovery functionality restores protected images as dynamic virtual hard disks (VHD), which lets you mount recovered images as a drive to the same or different machine.


With data recovery, timing is everything. That’s why we included a volume-level point-in-time restore functionality, which gives you a large degree of flexibility during the restore process. For example, you can choose to recover your Boot Volume from the most recent backup while recovering your Data Volume from a backup a week older. Flexibility empowers you to react nimbly to the unique recovery situation of each individual client.


Above all, Select ECHOplatform makes bare metal restore simpler, removing the leg work you have to do to put your SMBs back to work. We support a wide variety of dissimilar hardware, reducing the need for partners to supply or install drivers before completing a restore. No matter what your hardware situation, our solution can support it, enabling partners to meet any use case and protect their clients.




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