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In any large business, information is created, shared, edited and stored at a fast pace. With this heavy flow of content, it is easy for documents to become lost, deleted, changed or distributed without proper approval. An enterprise content management system lets you manage all of your company’s content in one central location, making it easy to share, store, protect and control important information. With an enterprise CMS, you can also convert physical stacks of paper into digital documents.

Most enterprise CMS solutions let you label documents using keywords so you can more easily find them amid the sea of your company’s content. Using full-text search capabilities, you can easily find any document you are looking for. Security measures are also put into place to ensure your content is kept safe from anyone who hasn’t received special access.

Buy viagra online pharmacy reviews, Online apotheken viagra rezeptfrei

When looking for the best enterprise CMS for your large business, you want a product that covers all of the bases. The system should be easy to use with a powerful workflow solution that makes creating, editing and sharing content a simple process. Strong security features are also a must-have to ensure any confidential information is not accessed or distributed illegally.

Below are the criteria we used to evaluate the best enterprise content management systems.

Management & Collaboration
The primary purpose of an enterprise CMS is to manage your company’s documents. The best solutions provide metadata management options, allowing you to find documents by searching keywords instead of sorting through endless folders. The system you select should also provide full-text search capabilities, meaning the solution will search entire documents for keywords.

A way to enhance your company’s workflow process is also critical when looking for the best product for your business. You want a system that eliminates the need to get up and track someone down. The best systems allow you to create a designated route for documents to follow, ensuring all content is approved and reviewed by the appropriate personnel. Many of these systems also integrate directly with Microsoft Office and will send email notifications to individuals letting them know when documents are in need of approval or editing.

Document Tools & Integration
Document management systems give you full access to your company’s documents, allowing you to view and make any necessary changes to files. Version control options allow you to access the most recent version of a document, as well as view any previous versions of the file. Document management solutions also allow you to collaborate with other employees, editing documents together asynchronously.

Security & Compliance
Security is critical when you are working with confidential information. The best systems let you set permissions on who can or cannot access documents, also allowing specific employees to check documents in and out of the system. Additionally, the most capable enterprise CMS solutions offer auditing options. This allows you to see all recent activity to documents. You can see who has recently viewed a document, as well as made any changes. With this solution, you can also track who shares documents with whom.

Help & Support
When working with important information for your company, you need to have help available if there are technical issues. Reaching a customer support representative via telephone and email is a benefit. Online FAQs are also a bonus, providing immediate answers to any questions that may arise.

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