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docSTAR eclipse is the revolutionary cloud document management software that’s built for the web and delivers deployment choice. Customers can install eclipse on their hardware or use docSTAR’s hosted service. The same software, the same user experience, the same great results. eclipse supports all popular browsers and mobile devices delivering access anytime, anywhere.

When deployed as a hosted service, customers can enjoy the benefits of very low overhead and minimal startup investment, easy access via a web browser and the security of a redundant, disaster-proof data center. There is no specialized hardware to manage and there is no up-front capital investment. Although designed using robust enterprise architecture, eclipse is flexible and affordable to meet the needs of a small office or enterprise environments. eclipse combines the best features of docSTAR’s legacy applications with advanced features needed for today’s businesses. The robust architecture of eclipse is a flexible and affordable to meet the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises.

docSTAR eclipse Intelligent Data Capture




  • Capture documents from virtually any input device in any location
  • Centralized storage accessible from widely distributed locations
  • Easily import/save documents from applications and file systems
  • Automated indexing – Advanced OCR, Barcodes, Regex pattern matching, formatting
  • Embedded browser based high volume scanning
  • Smart text extraction and evaluation of data from content

docSTAR eclipse Workflow Automation




  • Easily create and edit content driven workflows using an intuitive graphical canvas
  • Create custom rules to process and route content for approval
  • Distribute items automatically based on business conditions
  • Receive real-time notification of workflow alerts and information
  • Monitor progress through the workflow dashboard
  • Complement existing business applications and technologies
  • Basic Workflow allows the creation of a single step workflow with multiple sequential actions
  • Advanced workflow add on allows conditional branch logic and chain of multiple workflows to allow complex automatic decisions tree processing and routing

docSTAR eclipse Version Control




  • Track document versions through multiple revisions
  • Work collaboratively with multiple editors
  • Audit trail for all revisions – editors, order of changes and record of saved versions
  • Assign user access and document “states” for secure editing
  • Store unlimited number of revisions
  • Latest version clearly identifiable
  • Create historical record of changes made with comments

icdocSTAR eclipse Document Retrieval



  • Advanced document indexing allows real-time searching
  • Retrieval has never been easier with powerful context searching
  • Automatically perform the most commonly used searches (text, field, annotation and name) from a Google-style toolbar
  • Use simplified auto-complete or structured Boolean search
  • Search the contents of the entire repository in seconds
  • Using “fuzzy” searches easily locate documents that sound similar

docSTAR eclipse Cloud Access



  • High speed cloud access, anytime, anywhere
  • Cloud-based content driven process automation and collaboration provides secure and reliable service
  • Rid your organization of upfront costs associated with its servers easily access and update information wherever you are, rather than having to run back to the office

docSTAR eclipseMobile




  • Universal access and easy to use interface from your favorite devices: smart phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and desktops
  • Full browser functionality to all PCs, Macs, iPhone, iPad, and Androids with no plugins
  • Workflow-enable your smartphones, tablets, and notebooks
  • Instantly access key information
  • Participate in content workflows
  • Extend collaboration to users on the go

docSTAR eclipse Security




  • Granular permission settings in documents, inboxes, folders, workflows
  • Secure central repository
  • Audit trails to meet regulatory compliance
  • Protect your data with secure encryption
  • Deliver a sing sign on experience through Active Directory/LDAP integration

docSTAR eclipse Document Retention



  • Easily apply and automatically enforce document retention policies
  • Set document disposition to auto-destroy or place in review folder
  • Easily and instantly apply document freezes when necessary
  • Save time while easily complying with legal or organizational retention requirements
  • Compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements
  • Easy to apply and enforcement of document retentions policies
  • Auto destroy or place in review folder for action
  • Easily and instantly apply document/litigation holds when necessary


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